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Must Call and Reserve Date Before Rental Purchase

Lee’s Professional Mascot Service is excited to offer our guest rental costume service. We have a collection of Super Hero Costumes for rent. Our rental service is different from our mascot booking service, so please read all terms and conditions. By making a payment you agree to the terms and conditions stated below.

Rental Policy

Rentals are reserved for a 3 day time period, usually Friday-Sunday. All rentals will require a refundable deposit ($25.00) which will be refunded when costumes are returned in original condition. Returns must be post marked on the following business day. To make a reservation, you can call or order online. Please order costume1- 2 weeks in advance prior to the event. Rental fees and deposits are paid in full when costume is ordered. After full payment the costume will be shipped to you by priority mail. When returning the costume ship the costume back in the prepaid package enveloped that came with your costume Please do not try to clean the costume yourself. We dry clean are costumes after every use.

Returns must be sent to the following location:
Lee’s Professional Mascot Service
1801 Williamsburg Rd 30C
Durham , NC 27707


  1. Rented items must be postmarked for return on the first business date after the event. Late fees of 10% of the total bill, per day, will be charged for returns postmarked after the return date.

  2. If items are not returned or are returned damaged there will be a charge for the full replacement cost of the items.

  3. Reasonable wear to the items are to be expected and accepted. DAMAGE is considered to have occurred by: tearing, burning, cutting, excessive make-up, removal of buttons, medallions, badges or other kinds of trim. Knee slides are NOT to be performed while in costume. Articles which are lost or damaged while in your possession or by improper packing for return shipment will be charged the replacement cost.

  4. If items require additional scrubbing there will be a $25.00 scrubbing fee. If we are unable to get an item cleaned it will be considered damaged. DO NOT try to clean the item yourself. We dry clean are costumes after every use.

  5. Return the plastic snap bags, if you receive one with your order. There will be a $2.00 charge for rentals that come back without their bag.

  6. There is a $25.00 cancellation fee per costume for orders cancelled prior to the ship date. Cancellations will not be accepted after the order has shipped.

  7. The Renter will be held responsible for any injury that may occur in the costume suit. We ask that you please take all safety precautions for yourself and your children while in costume.

  8. By accepting these policies you authorize your credit card on file to be charged for all fees.


All superhero costumes measurement are measured from shoulder to feet. Please measure the person who will be performing from shoulder   to feet.



Shoulder to Foot Measurments

Non metallic Suberhero Man -  4’2 inches or 129cm

Metallic Superhero Man-  4’7 inches or 143cm

Spider Guy Costume- 4’5 inches or 137cm

Classic Batboy Superhero-  4’6 inches or 141cm





Common Questions:


How is my privacy protected?

We value your business, and your trust. Therefore, we will not sell, rent, nor give away any e-mail address to other businesses. The reason we request your e-mail address is so we will be able to send you information regarding your order and update you about services.


When will I receive my order?

COSTUMES will be shipped to you in a timely manner.  Note that you should receive the product approximately 1-3 days before your event


Can I cancel my order?

Yes. We can cancel your order for a $25 cancelation fee if the order has not shipped. Once your order has shipped, we are unable to make changes to or cancel your order.


How do I know if the costume will fit?

Read our measurement chart from above for best results. Please select someone who will be able to fit the costume within the measurements provided. You can also hire a team member to perform if you’re not able to find someone to act in character for you. Please call directly for this service.


Do I need to clean the costume before returning it?

No. Costume are dry cleaned and receive special care and treatment.

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