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​Costume Character Entertainment Service are priced by the hour:​
Entertainment Package Includes: Character, Party Host, Music, Stereo System, Bubble Machine and Games
Explorer Girl-$175.00             Furry Red Monster-$175.00        Turtle Ninja-$175.00
Boy Mouse-$175.00               Mr. Cowboy-$175.00                      Ms. Kitty-$175.00
Girl Mouse-175.00                  Mr. Sponge-$175.00                       Red Ranger-$175.00
Robot Man-$175.00               Mr.Spider-$175.00                          Explorer Boy-$175.00
​Princess Beauty-$175.00      Blue Dog-$175.00                           Sailor Duck-$175.00
​Easter Bunny $175.00           Girl Doctor-$175.00                        Goofy Guy-$175.00
Bat Girl $175.00                       Party Host Only- $100                    Lil Monkey-$175.00
Blue Fish $175.00                   Blue Boy Cat-$175.00                     Police Dog-$175.00
Fireman Dog $175.00            Gingerbread-man-$175                 Grinch-$175.00
Girl Pig-$175.00                       Red Girl Cat $175                             Mr. and Mrs. Clause Suit $175
*A $25 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking to reserve the date, time and character for your event. 
*Add additional costume characters for $125 each per event.
Meet-N-Greet (Available 7 days a week)​   CHARACTER ONLY
Explorer Girl-$125.00          Furry Red Monster-$125.00    Robot Man-125.00       Ms.Kitty-$125.00
Boy Mouse-$125.00            Mr. Cowboy- $125.00                 Bunny-$125.00              Red Ranger-$125.00
Girl Mouse-$125.00​                  Mr.Spider-$125.00                      Blue Dog-$125.00        Explorer Boy-$125.00
Mr. Sponge-$125.00           Princess Beauty-$125.00          Turtle Ninja-$125.00    Girl Pig $125.00
Gingerbread-man-$125.00 Blue Boy Cat-$125.00               Fireman Dog-$125.00    Police Dog-$125.00
Grinch-$125.00                     Girl Pig-$125.00                         Blue Fish-$125.00           All of our characters
**Payment is due the day before booking. Deposit of up to $40 is required at the time of booking.
**Order a boutique of balloons with your service. All balloon orders will be ordered by team member through a custom balloon artist. 


Travel charges will be applied to any booking outside the City Durham
If you would like to add additional time to your booking you may add additional 30minutes at a time after your first hour. 
All Mascots are costumed entertainers and for trademark & copyright purposes we do not affiliate with any other original cartoon characters.


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