​Costume Character Entertainment Service are priced by the hour:​
Entertainment Package Includes: Character, Party Host, Music, Stereo System, Bubble Machine and Games
Explorer Girl-$150.00             Furry Red Monster-$150.00        Turtle Ninja-$150.00
Boy Mouse-$150.00               Mr. Cowboy-$150.00                      Ms. Kitty-$150.00
Girl Mouse-150.00                  Mr. Sponge-$150.00                       Red Ranger-$150.00
Robot Man-$150.00               Mr.Spider-$150.00                          Explorer Boy-$150.00
​Princess Beauty-$150.00      Blue Dog-$150.00                           Sailor Duck-$150.00
​Easter Bunny $150.00           Girl Doctor-$150.00                        Goofy Guy-$150.00
Bat Girl $150.00                       Party Host Only- $75                      Lil Monkey-$150.00
Blue Fish $150.00                   Blue Boy Cat-$150.00                     Police Dog-$150.00
Fireman Dog $150.00            Gingerbreadman-$150                  Grinch-$150.00
Girl Pig-$150.00                        
*A $25 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking to reserve the date, time and character for your event. 
*Add additional costume characters for $125 each per event.
Meet-N-Greet (Available 7 days a week)​   CHARACTER ONLY
Explorer Girl-$99.00          Furry Red Monster-$99.00    Robot Man-$99.00       Ms.Kitty-$99.00
Boy Mouse-$99.00            Mr. Cowboy- $99.00                 Bunny-$99.00                Red Ranger-$99.00
Girl Mouse-$99.00​                  Mr.Spider-$99.00                      Blue Dog-$99.00           Explorer Boy-$99.00
Mr. Sponge-$99.00           Princess Beauty-$99.00          Turtle Ninja-$99.00      Girl Pig $99.00
Gingerbreadman-$99.00 Blue Boy Cat-$99.00                Fireman Dog-$99.00    Police Dog-$99.00
Grinch-$99.00                     Girl Pig-$99.00                         Blue Fish-$99.00           All of our characters
**Payment is due the same day of booking.
**Order a boutique of balloons with your service. All balloon orders will be ordered by team member through a custom balloon artist. 


Travel charges will be applied to any booking outside the City Durham/Raleigh .
If you would like to add additional time to your booking you may add additional 30minutes at a time. 
All Mascots are costumed entertainers and for trademark & copyright purposes we do not affiliate with any other original cartoon characters.